Communications is the key

I recently became the communications manager at strategic brand design agency Webb deVlam, a global firm with a rich history in industrial and package design but that has now integrated more upper funnel efforts to assist brands in utilizing design as a tool to help solve complex business problems.

My role is to help promote the general awareness of the agency and it’s team of creative strategists and strategic creatives across trade publications, design-focused media, and other areas where PR can extend the editorial opportunities to amplify the company’s voice. I also oversee all the social media channels, event management, event sponsorship, awards and some other odds and ends.

Here are a few of the efforts that I’ve been up to:

  • Relaunching and retooling the company website, coordinating efforts across the studios to reinvigorate a project that had taken a back burner for the last 18 months; v2 is coming soon!
  • Set up a public-facing asset repository that helps our client service and new business development teams access approved comms assets on-the-go, creating greater efficiency and speed in getting examples of our work in front of potential buyers
  • Editorial opportunities have included BrandPackaging, TheDieline, Packaging of the World, The Drinks Report, and the ever illustrious Dairy Foods Magazine, to name a few thus far.

More great things are coming soon!

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