About Me


Hi there. I’m Justin. I live in Chicago but am originally from Cincinnati, so midwesterner through and through. I am a music and pop culture fanatic, practice yoga, eat sushi more than I practice yoga and enjoy running – but alone. None of that group run or marathon nonsense. Created and co-hosted a podcast with a best friend for a year called A Question of Taste.

I’m an introvert by nature, but can pass for an extrovert as necessary.

I have an addiction to chocolate. If given the choice, I’m a dog person and have an Australian Cattle Dog named Ziggy. Books are fun to read – I still enjoy the tactile sensation of turning pages but Kindles are easier on public transit.

Work makes most people want to pull their hair out, which is why I think it’s important to always have fun and take dance breaks and enjoy what you do.

If I could emote only through animated .gifs, I would.


  1. Brad Wells


    I just read your article “Fine with Fired: Closed Doors and Open Opportunities” on Primer Magazine. I was just recently laid off and I was wondering if you had any advice on finding a new job?



    • Hi Brad,

      One of the things I did to supplement my own networking and job search was to contact staffing agencies to help line up either short-term or temp-to-perm positions that were within the wheelhouse of my skill sets. Try searching for specialized agencies that can service industries or specific roles that you might be qualified for. Outside of that, let people know that you’re in the market for new opportunities and tap into your personal networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) to let people know you’re available asap.

      Hope that helps. Just keep the faith and know that it does suck, but this may be a next step to something better.


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