Content Enablement – well, what’s that?

While at ZS, my former boss at CareerBuilder gave me a call to let me know she had a role opening up on her team and that I would be an ideal fit for it. “What does it entail?,” I asked. She described a role that was a blend of research, testing, optimization, and consultation that sounded like all the things I love doing and am not too shabby at.

When I returned to CareerBuilder in 2016, I was eager to give the B2B side of the business some attention and focus more on how to help drive customer awareness and lead generation through our marketing site and our resource center. So, in a nutshell, it’s all about ensuring that content across these domains are hooking people from their web searches, educating them and giving them the information they need to take more steps and eventually want to connect with our company to buy a product.

First and foremost, I evaluated current site performance for our product pages with our product marketing team, to see where we had low-cost, high-impact opportunities to convert people faster and easier. Getting more people to products is what keeps the lights on so I found several opportunities to revamp some site language on the demos and introduced a top-nav demo bar in mid-2016 that has outperformed all other individual page demos combined since its launch.


Then I turned to content and the first task was getting a new resource center up and running, utilizing our CMS to power a front-end delivery experience through Uberflip. As the technical and strategic owner for this platform, it was up to me to manage our migration of older content from a WordPress site, keep stakeholders aligned on vision and function of content categories and site organization, as well as training on how to pull metrics and implement gated content that syncs with our Salesforce instance.

From there, the optimization of content turns into a marathon where things like SEO and user accessibility come into play.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 14.51.48.pngOver time, we managed to simplify code on our site to improve our SEO performance across Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. With the help of tools like Brightedge and SiteImprove, we can easily monitor the performance of our keywords and monitor the performance of our site pages in where they are driving organic searches (and conversions!) each month and where our opportunities are to widen our brand ‘net’ with content.

Optimizations on site continue as I worked with our UI/UX designers and researchers to field new product page designs that resonated with prospects and existing customers to ensure that information is presented fully and in a very easy-to-digest design. I also led initiatives to further enhance our company pages, splitting up our messaging for buyers and job seekers across a Why CareerBuilder page and our existing About CareerBuilder page so that we could cater to B2B companies with more specific messaging.

Through Dynamic Yield, we’ve been able to also implement tailored site experiences with our CRM information to present unique messaging and page designs to certain audiences to align closely with the idea of ‘jobs to be done’ so that users can come to

One example of an exit-intent interstitial to drive conversions on content or product demos:


In addition to how the content works for us on the front-end, I also returned to be the product manager for our proprietary content management system (Cortex), which had fallen by the wayside when I left the company in 2014. My work in this consisted of working with end-users to gather product and feature feedback, writing and prioritizing stories for a team of full-stack developers and managing stakeholder and release communication. We removed a lot of technical functionality that was never fully-realized and just got it out of sight. Then we focused primarily, again, on the ‘jobs to be done’ for our writers and content creators and allowing them to easily and quickly publish content to RSS or APIs into the consuming applications.


Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 14.34.41.png



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