Adventures in Podcasting

A Question of Taste Podcast

Despite being an introvert, I have found myself to be very inquisitive of people in general. Perhaps it’s not so surprising – deflect attention by asking other people more questions to get them to reveal things about themselves instead.

As a kid growing up, I always imagined myself having a talk show where I would interview musicians on MTV about their albums and not ask the stupid questions I would hear repeated on every single program while they were doing their promotional circuit. I wanted to ask more personal questions and hear anecdotes that were more personally revealing beyond the “What can we expect from this album?” I always wanted someone to respond with, “Well, music.”

As I got older my love of music and pop culture grew, and eventually in college for a semester I co-hosted a campus radio show which was both fun but also enlightening to think of a program as something that truly has to be produced. Themes, segments, time management, coordination of talent or guests, managing listener expectations and requests, etc.

Cut to the past few years in my friendship with Anthony Balderrama, where we found mutual ground to geek out about music and tv shows and pop culture. And more importantly, to introduce each other to things or find out where we had not overlapped on things like “Cybil.”

Almost a year ago, I started getting the urge to create a podcast together but it seemed so daunting, especially because I didn’t want to put something out that was complete shit or just wasn’t of the level that I felt we could do something.

So a few months ago we really agreed to move forward and it’s been a learning curve each and every time we turn the mic on.

A Question of Taste is a podcast where we come together to share what we like, what we hate, and to laugh. With the current state of our country, I realized I needed to find some space that I could set aside to laugh, pretend all the terrible things aren’t happening, and to enjoy the company of my friend and whomever we invite into the space to chat with us.

Even as I was crafting together the intro/theme, I was so happy to be creating something again and I hope that we can entertain other people and they remember the random things that we reference all the time. A big thank you and hats off to Susan Densa, our friend who is a stellar graphic and UI/UX designer for her help in crafting us a logo and brand identity.

If you’re so inclined, you can find A Question of Taste on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and more.


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