New year, new job, and a trip to New Delhi

Just a quick update to say that I’ve joined the sales and marketing consulting firm ZS Associates as a Knowledge Management Associate Consultant. What does that $20 title actually mean? Well, I work with internal stakeholders across the globe to represent the enterprise across our internal collaboration and information sharing tool, powered by Jive.

It’s an exciting opportunity that will allow me the opportunity to blend both my creative and technical skills to help others engage and reach more people for the sake of sharing knowledge to reduce wasted time and improve efficiencies internally as the company continues to grow all over the world.

Next week I’m traveling to New Delhi to meet the larger team that I am part of and to have some on-on-one training with my manager, who sits in London. The surprise of this trip was that there will be a group overnight that includes performances from all the team members – including myself! When asked about the skills I have like singing or dancing or juggling, I only said that the things I’m good at cannot be done in a work environment.

So I’ve dusted off the old acting chops and will be reciting Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” from memory. Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t screw it up or forget all the lines. I figured that the poem has an apt message for a new employee and serves to motivate the larger team to persevere in 2015 with positivity, verve and gusto.

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