A bit of a showman.

To anyone who knows me, they know that I am a performer. I love to make people laugh and am the person at a party who skirts about the room to make sure everyone’s drink is full and that they’re having a great time – even when I’m not the host! Maybe that’s why I get invited…more on that later.

Anyway, I’ve had a few moments in the spotlight since acting in college and I love it. I want to do more hosting/emcee/interactive events in my career and so far CareerBuilder has given me some great opportunities to do this by appearing on the local WGN news, starring in a Banana Republic/CB campaign and giving me free reign to experiment with some unique ideas on my own to create more engaging and valuable video content for our viewers.

A project that I’ve been dying to do and that we’re starting to figure out production timelines for is man-on-the-street videos. My proclivity for random conversations and survey data combined? A dream.

Check out some of my videos below:
The first two clips come from a five-part series for the Banana Republic campaign over Labor Day in 2012


This clip is from a series of videos created for a microsite on our Candidate Behavior Study in 2013:


Now the low-budget (free) version of us doing just a conversation earlier this year with our career coaches, discussing ‘hot topics’ as they relate to job seekers:


And sometimes I drag other people into videos to help make my directorial and scripting dreams come true, as seen in this clip to promote the relaunch of our #AskCB campaign:

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