Be visual. Be funny. Be human.

One of the things I think I’m most proud of and enjoy from my work at CareerBuilder is being involved in the visual strategy for our content. Now, I’m no designer and I have no degree in art theory or anything, but I think I have an eye. I’m also notorious for drawing or sketching in every meeting I’m ever in because I’m a visual learner. I’ve also learned that it’s helpful for some designers in an environment where time is precious and there isn’t a ton of time to afford the ‘creative ideation.’ So usually a sketch of an idea comes along with my creative brief.

With the wealth of data and tips we offer to job seekers, it only makes sense to make the information into pretty, digestible nuggets. It’s a better way to connect with people in an ever diversifying media-rich world where text alone doesn’t cut it. Visualizations help connect the emotional components of the text back to the person’s own humanity through voice and tone and visual choices. Also, when you have the data or the ideas, why not try to get as much mileage out of it as possible and allow people to connect with your ‘nuggets’ instead of forcing an ebook or the like down their throat.

It’s a simple matter of being courteous but also trying different types of bait on your fishing hook, so to speak.

Check out an infographic I created to help users visualize HOW to improve their résumé.

You can see more of me and the team’s executions on CareerBuilder’s Pinterest page.

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