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Since I started with the marketing team as the social media specialist, I’ve written many pieces on job seeker advice for our editorial channels. While you may have seen articles published through MSN or AOL or CNN, most pieces published to our sites – and

With those audiences, I could give more of a personalized style. My goal is to be a job seeker advocate, a person who gives our readers a dose of truth paired with realistic advice from a person who can draw upon his own job search history.

Now that’s not to say that I didn’t get to write some entertaining pieces. I mean, how often can you lift out the career advice gems from The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Here are a few of my articles that I’ve written over the past few years, ranging from articles spurring from trending news, our own public relations surveys and more.

In addition to writing for the blog and site, I’ve also had articles published for the company in Gannett newspapers – so perhaps if you’ve picked up a local newspaper in your area, you may have seen my name in the careers section.

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