Writing for MSN Careers

msn_top_tipsSince I started with CareerBuilder, I’ve been writing content for both their B2B and job seeker blogs, The Hiring Site and The Work Buzz, respectively.

In addition to getting to show a bit more flair in content on those channels, I’ve also been fortunate to write career-related advice for one of CareerBuilder’s largest partners, MSN.

A quick search on Google will pull in my published articles there (but I’ve taken care of that search for you right here!), but I figured I’d share some of them below for your reading pleasure.

I warn you: if you’re happy in your career, you may want to look away. My advice might be so rapturous to present hum-drum existence that you’ll be rapidly uploading résumés across the web – just be sure to start on CareerBuilder.com.

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